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Lightbulb New changes - 12-17-2011, 09:24 PM

I know to most people this project is a load of , I don't care really, I still want to make it.

I've taken huge steps towards making this an eligible scripting tool lately.
I've utilised listeners and taken control of key, mouse, focus and value change events on the text area. This has allowed me to to make it so much better.

It now always holds focus, except when menus are up. Automatic indentation is enabled.There is a status bar. It has syntax highlighting. I'm very proud of the syntax highlighting, it doesn't look sleek, but its still very useful. It works almost flawlessly, but with a few exceptions I am trying to solve. It can't yet highlight comments and it doesn't yet support proper highlighting when "s are nested in 's, but it does work the other way around. I also made other changes.

The only issues arising due to my changes right now are problems with speed when the code gets too large, but I'm thinking of introducing a line-sync instead of whole-document-sync option for when it gets above a certain length.

PS- that's not supposed to be valid code, its just showcasing the syntax highlighting.


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