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Lightbulb ITSE-1429_RLForms1 - 01-25-2015, 03:34 PM

I am using the Alice IDE for a class. The assignment was pretty fun. I think Alice is a great way to teach students and children programming concepts;however, I cant wait till chapter 6 when we start actually programming with Java. I am more of a C and C++ guy when it comes to programming but I am excited to learn the Java programming language. Assignment one was pretty easy. I select the pre-made functions to make the bunny glide across the screen;Afterwards, I make the bunny turn and type in the strings to make the bunny say", Hello, World".

The project was not that difficult for me. The hardest part was to figuring out how to use the functions and learning the integrated Development Environment. If I ever decided to have kids, I would surly introduce them to programming with Alice. When I was six years old, in the year 1992, I was introduced to programming with Quick Basic. To me, Alice is basic for programming concepts. Overall, Alice is a fun learning tool.
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