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Don't understand what happened?
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Unhappy Don't understand what happened? - 11-08-2006, 06:15 PM

Originally Posted by thetrippster View Post
of course it dosent move since for some reason this forum uploads it as a .jpeg
Wondered how you downloaded the image so that it came out as a .jpeg? Just checked and the animated .gif I downloaded is still blinking away and I didn't do anything special?

Re GIMP - I had looked at the web page a few times but never bothered to download it since I have more than enough graphics programs already on my computer. If it's animation is pretty good, however, I may take a look. It seems (per the web page) to handle alpha level transparency quite well - that’s usually a weakness of “free” programs of that type. Does it support “Flash” animation?

A question to Shadow Sovereign (aka - oh, never mind) - were you able to save the "laser sniper rifle" you showed a few days ago as a single object? By the way, I did import a gun with two separate parts, and a reasonable origin into Alice as a single object (see attached) so I am making some progress.
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