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Default 09-20-2015, 04:54 PM

I tried it out and to be honest it was quite fun

A few things:
First off and the main problem PERFORMANCE, it was horrible, using about 70% of my CPU and lagging pretty bad, and I know its not my computer as it is a gaming computer with a powerful processor and a decent graphics card. I dont what the problem is as it did not go away after a few minutes of debugging.

Every level gave you the same instructions which is not really needed after level one.
The collision detection was bad, moving backwards just kicked me out of the room, try having it move the player towards a dummy object in the center of the room (make sure its at the right height).

It had some funny humor, the animations were nice and the gameplay was solid, overall good job still needs some work (mainly performance), but other than that its quite a good game

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