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Bob and the missing files (hopes this clarifies things, Jim!)
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Talking Bob and the missing files (hopes this clarifies things, Jim!) - 11-08-2006, 10:31 PM

Originally Posted by DrJim View Post
If you actually use XP to "unzip" the top level file, however, the resulting data (nearly) always is not all readable. Won't go into detail here - since I don't understand a lot of it myself - but if you get a bad file, it's very hard to figure out what's wrong.
It sounds like Data Corruption (why did I even capitalize this? ). I didn't know that Alice could read from zipped folders. Must be a computer thing...

Anyways, back to the data corruption thingy, if one were to unzip the top level file, then I think (notice the think part!) the problem would be that the remaining files, since they're used to interacting with the top-level file (which from this point on, I will name 'Bob')... anyways, they're so used to interacting with Bob that if he isn't there, they will begin to wonder where he's gone and start checking the whole house for him. The files will check in the kitchen, the bedrooms, bathrooms, backyard, the garage (which is bob's favorite room! ), the driveway, and many other places in the house (which is a metaphorical instance that represents the zipped folder), but they don't think of checking OUTSIDE the house (which Bob has done, since he ran out of beer and went to Food Lion to get another 12-pack )... zipped folders and files looking for missing Bobs do almost the exact same thing.

...................That made absolutely no sense at all, did it?
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