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Default Chinese Words - 04-09-2009, 12:17 PM

I had a private message asking about possible ways to make Alice more accessable for Chinese speakers. One idea was to rename and copy objects and then move them to a separate folder in the gallery. I did a couple of experiments, and this seems possible (an example - the zipped file - is attached), with the following limitations:

1. The Roman alphabet (pinyin) version of the name has to be used. Alice gives errors if the Chinese symbols are used either for saving or for import.

(I used the translator at, which will also go from both English and from Chinese symbols to pinyin. Since I don't know Chinese, I hope the translation is reasonaably accurate. )

2. The top level of the object reverts to it's initial name when imported. This could probably be fixed by actually editing the .a2c file - but that doesn't seem to be worthwhile since the subobject names do import unchanged. If necessary, you could just rename the subobjects CatTail, etc.

3. Note that for any case, exporting and re-importing subobjects will always give "errors/warnings" that sometimes do indicate real problems.
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