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Originally Posted by zak170 View Post
I am making a medieval rpg, but need help with four things:

1) Is it possible to create a glowing effect on an object? For example a box that emmits a light (lets say red). There are two things i want to use this for: magic, and the selection arrows for the character selection screen.
There are objects that produce light, but none that produce it centered on a specific area. It'd probably be better to use a semi transparent circle to simulate a glow

Originally Posted by zak170 View Post
2) How can I make a realistic arch for an arrow? For example when you fire an arrow (just so theres no confusion i mean from a bow) can I give it realistic physics to hit its target?
Have you reached Algebra yet? You're going to need to use a parabola equation. Y = ax^2 + bx + c. a, b, and c are dependent on the arc of the parabola - mess around until you get it, I've never tried it before. Unfortunately, Alice has no collision, so it is very hard to make a realistic arrow hit.

Originally Posted by zak170 View Post
3) Is there a way to save stats, like even after you quit? For example, you make a character and the game saves your level, items, money, etc.
Yep, though not within Alice. You'll need Arty's Save Tool, pinned in the share objects section. Save the values of the variables to files, and recall them upon opening the game.

Originally Posted by zak170 View Post
4) Finally how can I make an infinite amount of an object to fire? For example with a gun, being able to shoot bullets. I know you can create this illusion by making the objects shoot out, turn invisible, then come back. But can I do it with the projectile staying where it landed (until a certain amount of them are in the world). Maybe using an array, but i dont know.
Unfortunately, again, Alice has no inborn tool for duplicating objects. Arty, again, has a very nice duplication method you can use.

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