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3D Pong Version 1.1
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Talking 3D Pong Version 1.1 - 04-06-2011, 01:55 AM

This is a 2 player 3D Pong game I made. The original is Version 1.0 and the thread is I made some changes to this version; fixed a few bugs; made it more interesting. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with it. Let me know if you feel the same!
*There is a TON of programming and complex methods in the file which may cause in-game "lag" and I'm aware of the bugs that occur due to the complexity, but the faster your computer is the faster Alice will be able to compute the variables needed to have the bugs occur less frequently.
*There's a new "light show" option when the world starts. I wouldn't recommend it for those sensitive to light or those who have epilepsy.
*New feature for changing paddle colors. It is explained in the instructions.

Let me know if there are additional bugs beyond the ones I explain in the INSTRUCTIONS method. ENJOY!
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