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At least my computer laptop lasted longer then my brothers. His laptops hard drive didn't even last 6 months. And when he sent it in they said it crashed due to movement. Like wtf its a LAPTOP!!! It costed him 250 dollars to get a new one (He isn't computer-savvy so he spent more money then required to replace a hard drive). This is always a problem with computer. My moms iMacs hard drive burnt out in 2011 but she had it for 4 years and it was damaged before she got her computer in the first place (It also only had 1 GB and my mom had a lot of programs running at once, not to mention my brother played games on it the required at least 2 GB). That's kinda the reason I want a mac. My moms 2007 iMac take more crap then my 1000 dollar 6 GB i7 PC ever would.

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