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Default 10-20-2009, 05:07 PM

Alright then:

-First create the model. I recommend deleting the parts of the cowboy you don't need (the ones that aren't connected to the jacket, like his legs and head) to shrink the file down. Make sure the coat and mohawk are properly vehicled to the penguin.

-Delete the ground, the light, and the camera (it will tell you not to delete the camera, ignore this) and rename the world object "world2."

-Save the file as a .a2w file, then copy it

-Change the extension of the copy of the .a2w file to .a2c (see what we're doing here? We're going to fool Alice into thinking that the whole world is a class object)

-Import it into the world in which you'd like the model to be in. You should see a new object called world2 and all of your objects underneath it.

-Drag each object from underneath the world2 object to just above it so that they are with the other objects in the main world. As you do, you should notice that as you place an object properly, it suddenly appears in the main world.

-Make sure to change any vehicles from world2 to the entire world

-Finally, delete the (now empty) world2 object and save your main world. The model(s) with all vehicles, properties, and placements should be there
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