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Originally Posted by notherdimension100 View Post
Hello again, i have a couple of more questions to ask for today on the Flight Simulator that I'm still working on.
The deadline for my project is coming up, i need to hurry and finish this up so i can get a good grade

1. The velocity (3D text) has a decimal that fills the entire screen when i update it by a world function what as a string.
2. The Height (another 3D Text) cannot be updated by a set function of a custom method that is called by a key being held in.

Again, this is a very help and responsive community, i hope that i am able to upgrade to Alice 3 soon
1. Another one of the world's parameters is "int (a)," which is meant to be used for a number to show it as an integer as opposed to a decimal.
2. Have you tried using the parameter "distance above"? In this case it would be the object's distance above the ground.

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