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Just because a language is popular, like Java, it does not make it the best.
For some time now, people equate the "power" of a language with the collection of libraries and APIs offered with it; an unfortunate mistake.
Sorry, but based on nearly forty years of having to manage software projects (including having to live through Algol, APL and Lisp), I really don't think that's a mistake.

What counts in the real world is if a language will do the job - repeatedly, consistantly and reliably - not whether is is currently the fad in the university CS community.

C/C++ etc. are popular not because of any great syntax advantages - in fact I don't ever recall hearing that claim. The advantage is that from the first ATT and Berkeley versions of Unix and C through the present day - if you want reliability, execution efficiency, a large experienced programmer base and a wide range of application packages to work with - it is really the only choice.

Java may actually have a chance to catch up, though I have my doubts about the virtual machine concept. But I note that even the Jogl package is "all native Java except for approximately 100 lines of C++ code."

Please note these comments have nothing to do with the Alice 3 effort. I agree the team is doing a great job.

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