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Default 12-14-2009, 09:51 PM

Games which use the "find items and do something important using those items" premise:

Kings Quest (I-VIII, so 8 different games, annoying but good)

Hugo's House of Horrors (good one, a little creepy, but funny and complex)

Peasant's Quest I-III (text based, except for the third one, very funny)

The Cave (the first ever use-items-to-do-stuff game, text based)

Nearly every game on this site:

It's kind of a genre now, under the umbrella genre of Puzzle games, like Shooters are under the umbrella genre of Action games.

By the way, did you change the code to a string in the new version? It just occurred to me that the glitch I experienced may have been exclusive to me and a few others, like the event interruption glitch I had when trying Dameria's Collision Detection world, but it'd still be nice if you changed it so that everyone could play your game.


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