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Hmm, a clue, Sherlock!
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Default Hmm, a clue, Sherlock! - 11-07-2006, 08:45 AM

You said you downloaded alice from the main page? That version doesn't have as much content as the discs do, trust me, I know. I've tried downloading some objects off the site, but they somehow weren't recognized in the gallery, and I was sure that it was the right directory.
However, we have the discs at our school, and I've been thinking of just copying the gallery onto my Flash Drive and just bringing them home with me. (It'd be a lot easier too... my teacher assigns WAY too much of the exercises at any one time! )
Anyways, I'm probably not helping... just go into Alice, check the Web Gallery under Add New Objects, and it should show all the things you can download onto your PC.

Hope it works for you!
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