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Originally Posted by reuben2011 View Post
I don't want to be picky with forum etiquette but there is something called the edit button. You just click it and then you can add on to your post without creating a new post. Most people, when editing a post, they will add "EDIT:" at the end of their previous post followed by whatever new content they wish to add. And if you wanted to make another edit, you would just put "EDIT2:" followed by your content, and so on.

EDIT: Oops forgot to put an example! (Hint: It's right here! =])
EDIT2: I wonder if I explained enough...
EDIT3: I hope you understand!
EDIT4: I think you get the point.
YOU FAIL. HAHAHA. Just kidding but you didn't edit that post it was all done in one post hence making it a bad demonstration.
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