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Default I can help - 05-06-2012, 06:28 PM

The code given by the obviously experienced user in incorrect.

First set up one variable. You can name it Team and set it to a number
add a person to the world
Second drag Team to the editor and select "ask user a question" from the World function tab. Have it ask the user for a number between 1 and 12
Next drag an if/else statement from the bottom of the editor (make sure the question is not in this box. I learned this the hard way).
Set it to "true"
Drag the "Team tile" and make it ==to 1
under that should be a space that says "do nothing" and under that is "else". In the space that says "do nothing" add your person says and the name of the first team.
Then add another if/else statement into the "else" space of that original if/else box.
Repeat these steps "team ==2, 3, etc" and make sure to add the if/else boxes into the else space of the previous box. It will be 12 layers of boxes
When you get to the last one in the else space put your person says "invalid"
Now, only the numbers 1-12 will be valid entries and all others will be invalid.
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