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Textbook Purchase Strategies
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Default Textbook Purchase Strategies - 04-23-2008, 11:36 AM

Is there any official word on this?

I've been asked this informally a couple of times but - not being a teacher - have pretty well ducked the question.

While I agree with Dick that I can't imagine the existing textbooks (with the possible exception of the one by Adams, which does cover Java in some detail) being much use with Alice 3.0, I also realize my imagination in this area is limited.

My other problem in coming up with a good answer is getting a good feel for the actual release data of Alice 3.0. If, as I suspect it will, that slips past the Fall '09 target - at least a class set purchase of the current texts, updated possibly to cover Alice 2.2, might be worthwhile.

Finally, I would note that this is one place that the "only for teachers" nature of many of the resources is likely to hurt teachers looking for support. The people who have been asking me questions are not teachers - but do have significant control over spending for textbooks.
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