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Alice 2.2 Features
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Default Alice 2.2 Features - 05-17-2008, 01:12 PM

Having walking methods for some bipedal objects is already a feature of Alice 2.0. In addition to He/Shebuilder, the Mad Scientist has a nice walk. I think the question really is whether or not Alice 2.0 will have “walk” as a standard method like “Storytelling Alice.” Given the “posed” nature of most of the walk methods, I rather doubt it – but it would be nice.

There also at one time was a discussion of an Alice 2.1 that had the bugs in scripting fixed. Given the new release is 2.2, maybe some of the scripting problems will be fixed – though since this is a bit of a deviation from what I understand is the direction for 3.0,it seems unlikely, but again would be nice.

Maybe Gabe or someone else from CMU can comment a bit further.
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