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Originally Posted by Neon19 View Post
Cool! However, how did you export Wingd3D into Alice .a2c file?
The "easiest" way is to save the Wings 3d model in either .obj or .3ds format and use a program called "Biturn" to convert it to .ase format, which will import into Alice (though you may get error messages - they are really just warnings most of the time). Do a forum search for the location for the source location for the program and some notes on the process.

You will also have to import the textures for the object separately - Alice does not import the textures from the .ase file.

Be sure that you set the origin of the object at its center before you export from Wings 3d - you can't change it afterward. Also do a couple of trial runs with very simple objects to make sure you have your scale right and make sure "is showing" is true for all parts of the imported object.

Finally, good luck - this really isn't a foolproof process.
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