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Just to be off topic, that is incorrect. It does not mean Legend of Kaboom—it means Legendary Kaboom. Legend of Kaboom would be "Kaboom no Densetsu." Though if you so please, if I get my version of 3ds Max working I could easily create an object into subparts. A while ago I finished the "untextured plane", which is not a Harrier but a MiG-29, and converted it into a working Alice Object with fully functioning landing gear. It is still untextured though. I suck at textures.

Though your worry for polygon count confuses me. Why would a disfunctional object converted to a working Alice object increase polys so much that it would not work in alice? Why, yesterday I added an 80,000 poly model (43,000 vertices) into Alice and it worked fine. Then again, the day before that I installed a Radeon HD5830 into my desktop. The poly count limit for this some 7 year old school computer with a dual core Pentium 4 and onboard graphics I'm on now is roughly 20,000. The polygons created by splitting objects would only increase the count by some ten or hundred depending on the complexity of the object.

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