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Default 07-09-2012, 01:30 PM

1. Change it to "if camera is within _ meters." That way, it will only happen when the camera is that close to the marker. Be sure to put the if statement in a while loop, to make the statement keep running to keep checking if the camera is close enough.

2. Same as above, actually, just sub the object you want to die for the cylinder and the bullet for the camera.

3. I'd use a dummy object. Move the camera where you want it to be in the world editor, then drop a dummy object at the camera's position, then use a "set point of view to" method to make the camera jump to the dummy object

4. there are plenty in arty's pack

5. Just ask, I suppose

6. There's an event for that. Just add a "let the mouse move" event, then change the "any object" to the object you want it to move.

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