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Not sure about 3 but in 2
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Default Not sure about 3 but in 2 - 09-28-2014, 07:38 AM

First off this is all info from alice 2, as i deleted 3 about 3 months ago i kinda forgot what was different...

1. You can make a global variable, click on world > click create new variable > select what type you want > click done
2. There is arrow keys beneath the world view use those, then next to it you can move objects with more settings
3. This one is hard, it takes alot of work on alice to make this work using many different methods/functions it can be done, i suggest trying this when you get more familiar with alice
4. Click on an object > click the + on textures > click import texture map > choose what texture you want > add the texture by clicking the texture map options then choosing the map you want.
5. Not sure on this one, never really tried, i would assume you need to know jython for this, still i have no idea on this one.

Not sure if this will help but here it is anyway...

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