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Sound Distortion (and Bug?)
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Default Sound Distortion (and Bug?) - 04-14-2008, 12:01 PM

In this particular case, the sound distortion problem I was referring to just refers to the fact that once a sound starts, it plays through to the end. Thus, since the delay from the command execution to the actual sound start can be variable (on my slower machine with other demands on the system, at least) the speakers occasionally overlapped.

For an example, see the attached. Warning - the program name was chosen for a reason. Note, by the way, that it was initially a huge (23+M) file (had to cut some music to make the file size reasonable for the forum) but, for single songs, it still played fine.

Speaking of excess code (which doesn't surprise me a bit) - to actually delete the music files, I had to save the program under a different name. Just dragging the sound to the trash can and resaving under the same name didn't change the file size.
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