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Default 10-20-2009, 01:14 AM

Also, (though it isn't typically my policy to double-post, I felt this was important and distinct enough to merit a totally different post) have you all realized each weapon's unique characteristics and abilities?

-The Handgun has none yet, it's just medium speed, single-target
-The MP5 can shoot quickly and automatically
-The Swashbuckler can take out several targets at once, but the amount is determined randomly
-The Shining Spreader has a charge shot which, when fully charged, can wipe the whole screen clear if aimed properly
-The Shining Lance (as you all know) has a beam which hits continuously
-The Triple Gun has the widest constant, uncharged range of all the guns and can take out several targets at once

And on that note, are there any weapons I've missed you'd like me to add? Handguns would be easiest, but if necessary I can shrink a rifle-like gun to fit into the peguin's fins. Remember it would have to be different in some way from ALL of the guns already in the world for it to be worth adding.

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