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7.0 Beta 3 is here! This beta enables the saving functionality (with the iOTool). There is a Windows version and a Mac version due to the file systems being different on the operating systems. Before you start the world, go to the iOTool's properties and change the 6 string variables (current_file and the other file variables) to the file paths you want the files to be in. When you run the world for the first time, it will create the files and ask you to calibrate your mouse. When the calibration message comes up, put your mouse cursor at the bottom-right corner of your screen. This will tell the game what your screen size is, so the new mouse control of the plane will perform correctly. You only need to calibrate once. Do not exit the world or click/press anything until the red message disappears. The red message tells you that the program is loading/saving.

When everything is set up, the world will load its preferences and the calibration. After about 4 seconds, you will be able to start the game. I hope you like the new saving functionality! It is cool how you don't need to set your preferences up or calibrate every time you run the world. It just loads your previous configuration! In the final version, it will record your times and store them in the high scores file so you can look at your best times for each difficulty and compare them to other people.

Thanks to arty for the awesome iOTool and the string to number conversion script used in this version. I hope you guys can test this out so the final version can be relatively bug-free.

Download 7 Beta 3 for Windows:

Download 7 Beta 3 for Mac:

Flight Simulator with Dogfight Modes:
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