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Welp than here goes!

Snowfire Games Presents...

Flight Simulator (WITH AI! )

The Review...


Flight Simulator with AI (let's just call it FSAI for short) is a great aproach towards making a flight simulator. However, while it might be in it's beta phase, the 'bugs' are the wors of problems. So is FSAI a good game? Lets find out in this review

The Presentation of FSAI definately could've been worse. The main menu looks nice but once you start to leave the city there is no detail in the scrolling menu. The fact that you must configure where you want to save the files out of games is a bit sad too. The GUIs are very responsive however, and their design and looks are decent as well. My biggest gripe is probably with the tutorial mode. While it explains the concepts of flying your plane just fine, the fact that your always in the middle of flying while learning at the same time makes learning the game a bit difficult. The game also puts a lot of information in one short time, given the fact that the control scheme isn't very easy to remember, it would've been nice if the games tutorial went at a slower pace. Especially since flying and not crashing while reading text is a nightmare....
My biggest gripe with this game has probably got to be with the graphics. There's no visual design unless your at the city and that means you'll be staring at a lot of the same alice grass... The clouds look nice on the other hand and all of the planes animate smoothly with one exception that I'll talk about later. And while there is no sound effects the music is brilliant and there is more than just one music track.
The gameplay isn't as good as it could've been. While all the controls run smoothly it'll take most people a while to figure out the mouse is configured so that idle is in the top-left area of the screen. Provided you remember the controls however getting your camera in the perfect position should only take but a minute. The controls all work smoothly but when your acually shooting it's a bit tougher than you'd expect. First of all your switched to first person mode for percission aiming when you press P. I think you should've been able to shoot at any time. Second of all every time a shot is fired the game freezes up for a split second. I don't know if this is because of a studder in the frame rate of something in the code but it makes Dog Fight impossible to play.
Replay Value
There is definately a lot of modes here and there are different dogfight difficulty levels too. the Problem is sense 'Simulation' is just flying around the dull environments with no purpose, and dogfight lags when you acually shooting, I don't know why anybody would want to play this game. Howeversince there are the difficulty levels for dogfight it would last for a while if you where willing to put up with the shooting problem, or if it doesn't affect you at all.

The Verdict

Presentation: 8.5
The Presentations OK but the tutorial could've been better. And the GUI
was almost there too...

Audio/Video: 6.0
The level design is to a minimum and given the fact that there's only one area in the entire game, is just sad. There is a savior to that, and it's probably what impresses me most about this game: the Music, which is brilliant. As with lot's of alice games.

Gameplay: 8.5
The Game runs brilliant. There is no lag you you can tweak camera to your likeing. It's a too bad there's that one problem with the shooting or else this gameplay would almost get a 10.

Replay Value: 6.0
Well, if you like the simulation mode, I guess this could last a while to you. But the dog fight just fails horribly because of the shooting. Still there is the diffcultys if your willing to live with these issues. But in the end a game that's not really playable to start doesn't even have a '(Not Re)Play Value'

Final Score: 7.5(Good)

There isn't much wrong with this game. While some problems could've been fixed most of this runs perfectly. However that issue you get when trying to shoot (or when enemies shoot) is really sad since it prevents the acuall purpose of the gmae from being fun. Sadly, this is not a good enough game to keep it loaded in my Alice for a while. In fact this is one of the worlds that will be deleted when I get around to cleaning my Alice Save Folder, if I get around to it.
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