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Originally Posted by gabe View Post
...the NetBeans plugin is something we haven't worked on as extensively as the rest of the system ... let us know your thoughts.
For something you “… haven't worked on … extensively,” the plugin is really nice. Following LanceA’s notes (very quick summary – “read the installation instructions, stupid”) I managed to load NetBeans and the plugin and successfully do (relatively minor) edits on Alice 3 methods in less than three hours – something I thought would take me several days.

Still some issues, of course, and I really haven’t tried anything complex – but that’s really due to my lack of Java skill.

I noticed Dennis in his blog mentioned talking to the Greenfoot/BlueJ team at Java One about joint efforts. Since I was taking the dive into NetBeans anyway, I decided to also load the BlueJ plugin. Just that is nice. The BlueJ stuff is both more mature and less complex than Alice 3 – but the basic approaches for the plugins seem similar – and it was nice to have intermediate steps with tutorials available.
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