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Originally Posted by jediaction View Post
That "I think" is why I'm not suggesting that software. It is free, and it's a good software, but Google Sketchup is very good with measurements and it's free. Blender does not.
He's probably referring to the Stallman definition of "free".
You should also cite a better reason to not use Maya; not that it can't archviz because of no exact measurements, but that it is a tool that is inferior at the modeling aspect of 3D. It is much more suited towards animation than anything else.
3ds Max is a much better tool, and arguably the best for modeling (and not much else)
If anything I would avoid suggesting Blender to anyone simply because it is a software not made for beginners. As free software, it is excellent for that artist that already understands modeling, but due to its godawful interface and overemphasis on "The Roadmap" rather than fixing what needs to be fixed, I could not recommend it to beginners because it is not easy to learn with. This comes from personal experience.
I also don't understand what you're all referring to when you say "Maya doesn't support exact measurements." I'm pretty sure every modeling package in existence supports exact measurements.

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