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Default 09-26-2006, 12:19 PM

OK, I shuffled things up a bit.

1. Changed Student Discussion to General Discussion, as not all questions on how to do things with Alice come from students.

2. Changed Student Lounge to The Lounge. As per Mr Nemo's suggestion, this will now be the place to talk about anything that doesn't fit in the other forums, either Alice-related or otherwise (although I would prefer you try to stay on topic).

3. Renamed Comments and Inquiries to Questions and Comments and moved it from Administrative Stuff to General Discussion. I'm not 100% pleased with this so it might change. I want a subforum for questions and comments that aren't about functionality, i.e. how to do something. I might want to break this up further to make it easier to sort things out...any thoughts on clarification or how to improve this?
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