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"Rudimentary Characters and Animations"
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Unhappy "Rudimentary Characters and Animations" - 06-05-2006, 01:02 AM

"Yet, while Alice has proved to be a revolutionary programming environment, the characters and animations within the program have been quite rudimentary. The spectacular art assets and animations from The Sims will change all that, and Alice will be transformed."

I've just started to use the Alice program and textbook, and while the use of Sims 2 resources does seem awesome, I felt rather sorry for the people who must've put a lot of time and love into the characters and animations in Alice 2. I've been quite impressed, frankly, with the quality of objects in the program. I worry a bit about so much emphasis being placed on the idea of the program being "transformed". The most beautiful thing about the program for me has been the quality of its interface--the perfect way it makes logical connections immediate and visual. The fact that the objects are so immediately impressive is secondary.

All this is just to say, thanks to all the 3D modelers of Alice 2!
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