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Cool Alice Hacks!
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Default Cool Alice Hacks! - 03-14-2011, 06:06 PM

Alice is a fun program to use, but the only thing more fun than using Alice is hacking it. Alice contains many easy-to-change source files, and doing so is fun. This thread was created with one purpose: for those of you on the Alice Community Forums that have managed to change Alice a bit to share what you did, and how you did it. Please post any tips and tricks on this thread. I would like to request that each post regarding a hack that is made on this thread contain the following things.:
1.) A general description of the hack.
2.) What the hack does.
3.) How to perform the hack.

Like all other threads on the Alice Community Forums, this thread will eventually die. When that happens, I want to keep these discussions going, so I have created a social group for all Alice Hackers that wish to discuss how to make a great Alice even greater. The name of the Social Group is Alice Hackers, and can be recognized by the attached logo.

The main goal of this thread is to take our current knowledge of Alice and hacking it, bring it all together, and create a whole new improved Alice under a different name (sort of like Mama). Perhaps one of the biggest contributors to this thread will be Arty-FishL because he appears to be an expert with this kind of stuff.
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