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Originally Posted by zenteo View Post
This is just a test and it'll maybe become something bigger, like a cool FPS game.

In order to make the cursor/mouse to move into the center of the rendering window, I had to upgrade Alice a bit.

Locked Mouse Modus(press Q):
--This is the FPS view modus.
--The cursor/mouse will be hid and moved to the center of the screen.
--Move the mouse in order to rotate the camera.

--Use "Q" to switch between locked mouse and unlocked mouse. You have to
use it in order to rotate the camera.
--Use the mouse to control the camera.
--Use "W", "A", "S", "D" to control the camera.
--Click on a target to paint it red!

--There is a rendering bug while running the world, which shouldn't be too
hard to fix. Just click restart or press any of the control keys(Q, W, A, S or
D) and it'll be gone.

The .a2w file is in the zip; enjoy it!

Download(It's a big file!):

Alice 2.2 uses Java 1.5.0 and therefore coundn't reach the function "java.awt.Window.getWindows()", which is important in order to reach our render dialog.
But this is all advanced programming stuff you don't have to worry about.

All I did in this version of Alice was to update its Java from 1.5.1 to 1.6.
The rest of the coding is in Alice's scriptingsystem - jython.

--This part is only for those who are intrested in Alice Scripting--

Jython is a "Phyton interpreter" made in Java (This make it able to import Java libraries).
Phyton is the programing language that`s used to script Alice.
Java is that programing language Alice is made of (you can import Java-libs in Jyton)

-How to: Setup scripting-




Easy -
Hard -
Both -

Thanks DrJim for these pages "" and ""

That's awesome but the download link doesn't work and id really like to test this this.
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