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Originally Posted by Mr Kidnapper View Post
No mean queens here. The collision is bad (It's way off), for some reason the missile flies at an angle so it goes under the ground at some point. Note that when the missile drops, that's because of gravity, It isn't turning towards the ground or anything.

The rotors don't spin fast enough. Of course in games that often looks stupid. If it really does look that stupid, then you ought to add a blur to the rotor to make it at least seem like it's fast.

I never noticed until now, but the textures for the castle towers are just terrible at a distance. Looks like spraypaint. Oh well.
the collisions are terrible because it is a game made for my 3 year old brother. He has a hard enough time as it is. As for the textures, well you did those.. And the rotors, ya guess if I wanted to take the time I could fix it, but I don't care about them that much. And on my computer the missile stays above the ground the whole time.
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