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Need help with Helicopter game
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Default Need help with Helicopter game - 03-02-2012, 01:47 PM

Hello, I'm making a game in my computers class with Alice.
Basically, your driving a helicopter and you have to blow up the Humvees before they reach the airport. And they have a tank helping them - and that's where the problem starts.
I made a If/else event, where if the Helicopter is 300 meters away from the tank a shooting sound and the shell (It's actually a syringe, I'm having trouble uploading objects) moves at the Helicopter. (I'm planning on making it so when the shell is 0 meters away from the Helicopter you "die").
I hear the tank "firing" but I can't see the syringe moving at the Helicopter. And about ten seconds after that happens, it says "Error." So I click "okay" and i keep going.
But when i start it again, it doesn't work unless i restart Alice.
Help, please?
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