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How to make an object as a subpart of another object in Alice 2?
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Cool How to make an object as a subpart of another object in Alice 2? - 05-15-2014, 07:57 PM

I want to join a few objects to be a subobject of another so that I can make changes of multiple objects (which are all joined together in the world, so it basically looks like one object) with ease instead of clicking on each object and have to move them individually around or edit thier properties.
In the picture, the part circled in blue is what I'm trying to do (as you can see, I know that I can duplicate a subpart of an object and that subpart will exist under the duplicated object's subparts, and that's what rotor 3 is, a duplicated subpart). The part circled in red is the 3 objects I want to be combined as an object with, in this case, 3 subparts (the crate, the sphere, and the lighting pole). And the part circled in black are those 3 parts I want combined. As you can see, I tried to see if i could achieve my goal by placing all 3 objects in a group, but to no avail.
So I'm wondering in all of this, would this be possible?

Thanks for any help everyone!
By the way, I am running on Alice 2.2 via PC

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