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Default heyyy - 11-14-2009, 01:13 AM

You look really trained can u help me with my assigment here it is:

A scene will consist of three critters dancing. The each of the three scenes is to be very similar. The first scene will have a critter of one kind dancing with two critters of another kind. (A ‘kind’ of critter means an animal or person. Pick the classes you use according to your own taste). The second scene will have one of the two critters from the first scene dancing with two critters of yet another type. The third scene will have one of each of the three different kinds of critters dancing.
To display the scenes, you will write a “playScene” method. You will call this method three times with three different sets of arguments.
Within the method, the three critters in the scene will appear in appropriate positions. The three critters will do a short dance and disappear. For each of the three classes of critters, you will need to design your own dance methods. The dances can be simple or elaborate depending on your tastes but each class of critter should have its own style of dancing.
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