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Default 10-24-2009, 11:49 PM

Nah, I consider you guys my testers, the people who find the bugs I can't. I've already edited RP3 to address everything you mentioned (I think) plus some other stuff. Here are a few of the changes:

-Big one is slightly faster (if the Swashbuckler was fast enough to get him every time, there's a problem)
-MP5 doesn't recoil as much (the laser sight looks really silly when there's too much recoil)
-Swashbuckler has been SEVERELY nerfed (slower firing, slightly less power, shorter range, and a 30% chance of misfiring, although it's still great at taking out several close enemies and has the highest power)
-Beretta's range has been increased to be more lenient in aiming
-MP5's power has been increased
-Prices of almost everything has gone up
-Bug fixed: camera can't be switched when zombies win
-Bug fixed: Last 3 lines of descriptions no longer disappear if you switch camera angles

I'll wait awhile for people to put in other suggestions before I release the edited version.


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