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Differences in conceptions of CS
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Default Differences in conceptions of CS - 11-20-2007, 10:15 AM

The problems with colleagues who object to "drag and drop" programming came as a surprise to me.
My own colleagues tend to consider this a strength, not a weakness, as it allows/forces the students to think about the process of the program rather than the details of exactly HOW to write the command.
My own problems have to do with structuring my course so that it better prepares students for courses in our existing program.
I am continually frustrated by the refusal to permit list or array items to access user defined methods. This forces me back to procedural programming techniques, and away from object oriented thinking.
I am also unhappy with all of the example programs which have object/method names containing spaces and beginning with uppercase letters.
I can simpathise with the skepticism exhibited by colleagues when Alice 3.0 is mentioned. After a year and a half with no reports of any kind of status/progress, the project is rapidly approaching the status of vaporware (in my humble opinion.)
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