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Access rights or zip file issue?
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Question Access rights or zip file issue? - 01-20-2008, 04:26 PM

Since, disappointingly, no one more knowledgeable has even taken a stab at this question, even though it's been given as a problem for months, I'll make a try.

To get the galleries to show up locally, there has to be a required/gallery folder in the same directory that contains the executable version of Alice. That folder, in turn, has to contain folders for the various types of gallery objects. The objects themselves (.a2c files) are actually zipped data files.

Note if you have two executable versions of Alice (say regular and "Storytelling") in different directories - each has to have it's own required/gallery folder for it's own local objects.

For a single user - can't see how this would cause a problem. In a networked situation, I don't know since I've never worked that way, but it sounds like anyone not an administrator doesn't have access to the needed data. Maybe someone else can explain why and give a fix - seems like a very simple thing to be giving such a problem.
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