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Originally Posted by beachbum111111 View Post
Can you possibly make a collision detection addon and a addon that makes alice less laggy (I know its a huge amount to ask but we need that more then ever).
Well, the best answer I can give is - no.

I am quite bogged down as it is, but that is not the issue. The problem is that you are better learning how to manage your code properly and make it yourself.

I cannot make Alice less laggy, Alice was never designed for big projects, so the lag lies deep within the software. I can, however, make worlds less laggy by refining their code. Another problem I have is that my computer is a gaming computer, hence worlds with extreme lag (ie Halo) play fine for me, so I can't really tell if lag has been reduced or not.

A collision detection engine would be better implemented in the code of a world. Be it manually or through a tool/object/thing I make, it would not work as an addon. I could make a tool object, but this project is top priority right now, so maybe later.

Sorry if that was not the answer you were hoping for.


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