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Well, unbelievably warm reception aside, here's the first run of the trophies. At the moment, there are 13 trophies, but no trophy list or real way to see which trophies you've earned. Rest assured, that's coming. I want to make sure this works well and looks better first. So, test it out, do some cool stuff, try to earn all 13 trophies (yeah I added three. Couldn't resist.)

New stuff you'll want to know:
-Throw grenades with 'r.' Holding r will hold the grenade and letting it go will throw the grenade at whatever enemy is targeted. If there isn't one targeted, he throws it a set distance away. Press r again while the grenade is in mid-air to detonate it prematurely. Careful, it will blow you up as well if you are too close to the explosion.

-Press 0 at any time to save your game.

-To load your saved game (only one file at the moment), restart first, then press 'L.'

- To have the game to load as soon as it starts when you hit re-start, set the auto-load variable at the very bottom of the world's variable list to true.

-Be careful not to try and load when you've never saved before, as it'll cause a world-stopping error.

-You should be able to save and load nearly all relevant game data, including weapons and abilities unlocked, trophies earned, current level, and even the selected camera angle and active weapon!

-Class changing is enabled, though most of them don't work. Right now, bomber is selected by default to enable grenades, though you can change to blaster to get the freeze time power. None of the other powers work properly, though. Also on the list of things to come.

-You should only be able to earn each trophy once. Any more than that and it's a glitch.

-If you beat the game, but want to keep your stats and restart, save after "you win" is displayed on the screen, restart, then load. Note, this only works after you've beaten the game. You cannot keep your stats on a new game that you've only beaten a few levels of.

Here's a list of the names of the 13 trophies. That should at least give you a small hint as to how to earn them.
+Penguin Power
+Armed and Ready
+The Harder They Explode
+As the World Turns
+Stick to Your Guns
+Permanent Resident
+Benjamin Franklin
+Deep Pockets
+So Worth It
+With One Stone
+Cease Fire

Go ahead and post about what you think of it, how it can be improved, what bugs you find, etc, but also post some shots of you earning those babies!

Have fun!

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