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Need help from 3d editing software users.
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Default Need help from 3d editing software users. - 02-15-2011, 07:44 PM

And now for the problem: I have a large 80k poly file from cough cough knows where that I will optimize later, and after realizing that Alice doesn't support bones or IK, I am in the process of splitting the meshes down to the finger joints and skirt pieces. Needless to say animating the skirt is impossible for Alice, since all I have to work with is a mesh...
What I need to do—after separating the meshes— is create joints without gaps using irregularly shaped meshes, say a finger joint.. a thumb... Or a well crafted elbow... Or anything on this model. A tutorial I found about creating an extremely low poly female for Alice showed the use of a sphere, however I don't think a sphere will work for these.

Example pic.
Also have trouble figuring out how to move the center axis of an object. For example, I am throwing a knife (Turn left # rotations), and no. It does not turn from the center of the knife outwards, rather spinning around the tip of the blade. When Rolling left or right, it won't roll from the center either. Instead, spins around as if drawing circles in the air.

Edit: Figured out how to change center axis. Of course :/ it was that.

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