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Default 03-08-2010, 10:09 AM

First, your game is very sophisticated and impressive!

The slowness has nothing to do with frame rate, which is something you cannot set in Alice anyway.

Far as I can tell, there are few things you can do to improve the game performance:

* You have many event handlers in the events area, of which some are ran every processing cycle to assert their condition. For example, an event checking the condition that a bullet is in a certain distance from a target should be avoided, since it only applies when you shoot the bullet! You have number of events handling bullets that way, and you should replace those with normal program logic (within methods).

* Also, in the events area, you have many 'while' events that are better handled in methods, from the same above considerations.

* You have tens of background static objects which should be merged into one scene object. Put all the trees, hills and lake (which contains many static objects of its own), dots, etc - that means anything not being moved, turned or with any 3D scene meaning - into one static scene object.

* Likewise, the program contains many dummy objects, which I suspect you've used only for editing the scene. You should delete any such unused objects. You will have a simple indication for objects being redundant: if that object is referenced from the application code, then when trying to delete it you'll get a "remove reference" warning.

The first two notes affect directly running time performance while the latter have mainly memory consumption implications.

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