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Default 03-08-2010, 03:23 PM

Sophisticated means a very good thing, and to my opinion your contest opponents should start worry..

I saw unreferenced dummy objects - what are they for? why you need to keep them?

About scene object - see as an example the gallery oceanFloor (under folder Ocean) or the Garden (under Nature) - it gives you a whole 3D background, it may contain water or sand with topography, trees, etc. The scene/background object may have subparts but much of it is a picture, thus consuming less memory and less processing time in Alice.
When building a scene/background object (using any 3D creation application) for your game, the only reason I see to have subpart of the scene as an object is to reference it specifically from the program code, otherwise it should be part of the background 3D object texture.

Mama is an Alice On Steroids with YouTube uploader, 3d object creator, tutorial editor, and standalone support:
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