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Default 10-24-2009, 09:16 PM

Now that all the good things about the game are out of the way, here are some of the bad things / things you should change:

The first thing I noticed as I played the game and got my first upgrade, is that the PK Power is ridiculously low-costing for what it can do. I think this should be worth 75-100k points instead of the 50k it is at now. I can buy it after only 2 levels!

Another thing, and this is a really big one, is the Swashbuckle. It is the cheapest gun in the game (25k), yet it is disputably the most powerful. Capable of hitting multiple targets if the zombies are clustered together, you can easily just sweep through quick-tapping the mouse and kill everything quickly. Also, this is the gun that I use to kill the big zombie. It takes only a second or two of quick clicking to turn the large zombie into dust (literally ). I would either raise the cost of this weapon to 75,000, or make it a little less powerful, or give it less splash damage (smaller target area).

Also, I noticed that you made the pistol more accurate, making it harder to hit a target with it. Since the penguin moves faster now, it is hard to just turn as you quick-shoot with the pistol, because it only targets in on the zombies for a split second (unlike the Swashbuckle). It makes it hard to kill a single zombie, because I am constantly going too too far right, then too far left with the pistol to get it targeted quickly. This is not a major thing though, maybe if you could just give it a little bit more target area.

If I think of something else, I will edit this, but until then, its been a great game and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it!
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