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Haha, I just got a weird bug. I was killing zombies, and there was only 1 left for me to kill to win the game, but I couldn't turn in time, so I did my PK power, and it killed the zombie, but at the same time that zombie kicked me to the field goal! So now it says You Win! overlapped with Zombies Won. I don't know if there is a need to fix this bug, because it is so rare for this to happen, but just wanted to let you know.

Oh yea, and I also have another suggestion for version 4.0. I don't know if you want to do this because it might make the file larger, causing more lag, but how about if you make it so that when you go to the gun store and click on a gun, it shows you what that gun looks like. This would be awesome if you did this, because then we could see what that gun looks like before we buy it, and maybe even its stats too (although you don't really need to show stats, it says it on the left).
I don't know how you would go about doing this, but I have some ideas:

EDIT: I'm sorry, I had this huge list of how I think you should do what I said above, but I see now you already have pictures of the weapons in the folder DupeWeapons. Just use those pictures and put make it so that when you click the weapon in the Gun shop, it shows that picture underneath the lists of the guns.

I hope you will implement this in your next version. Oh, and if you make a reply to this, can you just post the version 3.0 again in your reply, because this is reaching the bottom of the forum page, and people coming to download this can just download it from the bottom instead of scrolling to the top to look for it. (Or if you want, you can post version 3.1 with the bug fixes!)

Originally Posted by dubastot View Post
I think one change for your controls would be to make the switching weapons keys q and e.
To Dubastot:

I think the weapons are fine as they are now, and the Q and E buttons are really needed for the powers, not the guns. If Q and E were to switch guns, then it would be hard to press the buttons for the powers, which are very useful to win the game. Also, you can change weapons by pressing the space bar to pause, or by just clicking the arrow keys on bottom.

Oh, and x2495iiii I thought of another thing to add. Maybe you could add sounds to the gunshots, like a pistol sound when you fire the pistol, MP5 sound for the MP5 (but make sure its a silenced sound), and so on. Oh, and make sure that you save before importing any sounds, or else an error could come up. If the sound does not import properly, just quit the program without saving and open it up again, or an error will occur whenever you open up the program if you save it. Maybe you could put it in with the loop for the machine gun, so whenever it loops, it will make the sound again, one for each bullet that comes out.

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