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Originally Posted by x2495iiii View Post
And it's done! This is the most I've ever worked on a project, so I really do hope you guys enjoy it. It's HUGE though, so you may want to close your internet connection while you play, to free up processor power.

Another trick I've found helpful is playing the world, then doing few things (like shooting, pressing pause, letting the zombies kick you, etc.) and then restarting the world. I've noticed it tends to run faster when it's done it once before (cache memory?).

Anyway, here are the controls:
-Hold 'A' to turn left and 'D' to turn right
-Press 'S' to switch weapons forward, and 'X' to switch backward
-Press Space or Enter to puase the game and bring up the pause menu. From inside the pause menu, you can switch weapons, switch camera angles, buy guns, and buy abilities for your penguin (I've been using a computer with Windows Vista and Word 2003...I think, so I don't know if the fonts I used for the pause menu and HUD will shop up for you guys. If they don't, the text may disappear or run off the screen, so heads up.)
-Press 'Q' to repel the zombies, if you've bought the power.
-Hold 'Q' to slow down the zombies, but not the penguin if you've bought the power
-Press 'E' to use a shockwave which kills all zombies (except the big one, it just hurts him) if you've bought it.
-If you see the big one, pump him full of everything you've got, because he's REALLY tough (also, the penguin will automatically aim for him if he can)
-The Shining Lance now has two disadvantages: It's expensive, and one other hidden thing...
-You'll probably need Night Vision by Level 5. It's nearly impossible to see anything if you don't have it (I challenge someone to try and beat it without Night Vision)
-This version's HARD, but beatable. Try different combinations of powers and weapons and see what works for you
-My top score is 207 KOs

If you find any bugs (besdides lagging, because I expect that), tell me.
Wow, this is amazing! Everything is perfect, this must have taken a long time to make. I... I really don't know what to say. lol, its perfect. I am definitely looking forward to more from you, I can't wait to see what you do next.

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Special thanks to the people who are supporting me...
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