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Hey Niteshifter and Dameria,

Thanks for all your help!

I'm going into calculus next year, but I'm not sure what you mean by a vector system. Also, I know trigonometry but I have no experience programming with it, and I'm not sure how it would apply here. Do you have a program with this in it?

I've attached my program for you to have a look at. Note that I haven't begun the part where the levels actually start; I'm just getting all the basics done. The user will NOT be able to control vertical movement, and the plane should not move on the z-axis, but only be cappable of movement left and right, on the x-axis. I think I understand what you are doing in the other program you made, but I noticed that the square wiggles away from the camera- I don't know how to stop that.. Hopefully the program can make it clearer what I'm looking for~

Thanks again for all your help so far!
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