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I'm going into calculus next year, but I'm not sure what you mean by a vector system. Also, I know trigonometry but I have no experience programming with it, and I'm not sure how it would apply here. Do you have a program with this in it?
I have a vector system in my slide puzzle game that keeps track of the location of the cursor that you can check out and see how it works:

I don't have a program that actually applies this since I have limited knowledge in the subject, however it basically goes into using vector and trigonometric math to create a 3D (right-angle) triangle to detect whether the object is seen by the camera.

On a side note, I'm going to warn you, Calculus is a tough subject, but it's a really good course to take. I ended up getting 66.6% in the course and 68.2% on the final, which is a fairly good score considering the many topics covered in the year.

@Dameria: Mine was taking into account if there were walls and obsticals that were going to be in the way, which is why it's a lot more complicated

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