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Smile Great - 11-10-2007, 04:02 PM

Everything I checked looks like it's back ok, including the simple shapes at .

Remember you have to import them as textures in .ase format if you want them to be sub-objects to an existing object - you then have to import a texture for each object if you want it. In .a2c format, the shapes only come in as world level objects.

Added Notes:
A couple of other interesting threads for newcomers:

Making simple transparent objects with Anim8or:

Another thread on importing objects:

Also be sure to check out Dick Baldwin's new tutorial on lighting.
That's one of the powerful interesting and useful features of Alice - but it has been minimally documented before now.

Finally, the thread on using Biturn to convert other 3D formats to .ase format is a bit hard to find. It is

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